1. 2. The compositions before 2009

    1. 2.1 Which informations are shown on these files ?

      If it's possible, the same informations as those you can find on the files after 2009 will be shown. Unfortunately, more remote are the years, more incomplete will be the informations, because the access to all or a part of the informations is no more possible. In this case, the missing fields will be empty or replaced by "xx" or "??". If you have an access to some missing information on these files and you want to share it, please send an email to info@beluxtrains.net.

    2. 2.2 How accurate are these compositions ?

      These compositions are based on photographs, official documents or observations and can so not always fit with other sources. So only the observation date is generally indicated as precisely as possible with the day between parenthesis. It can exist more than one composition for a train during one year.

    3. 2.3 Can I make searching requests on these compositions ?

      No. For the moment, there is unfortunately no searching system. Surfing through these compositions can only be made by year.

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