1. 3. The Belgian compositions

    1. 3.1 Which Belgian compositions are shown on the site ?

      The listed compositions are only those from regular passenger trains running on Infrabel's network. Are so excluded: freigt trains, special trains (associations, mesures, work etc.) and also particular trains (typically EXT). On the other hand, all passenger trains of private or foreign railway companies are well listed on the site (DB-AG, SNCF, Thalys, etc.).

    2. 3.2 Which are the bases of these compositions ?

      The informations are based on website users' observations and official documents.

    3. 3.3 Is the vehicle order always right ?

      The answer is complex. The vehicles order or type can change following the daily operation factors: breakdowns, revisions, transfers and so on. However it's important to note that the SNCB has not for the moment the swiss or the german rigor and that's right that the vehicles order is not always respected. Viewing trains running on the same relations that have completely different compositions is not rare. In generally the number and the type of the vehicles are right.
      Herunder you'll find an "Ariadne's thread" to summarize:
      • the vehicle number is generally respected, excepted because of breakdowns, transfers etc.
      • the vehicle type is also generally respected, but you'll have to note that:
        • an AM62 can be replaced by an AM66/74 in different liveries and vice versa.
        • a class 21 engine can be replaced by a class 27 engine and vice versa.
        • a M4 A or B coach can be sometimes replaced respectively by a M4 AD or BD coach and vice versa.
        • a M6 B ocach can sometimes be replaced by a M6 BD coach and vice versa.
        • during the years 2009 and 2010, due to a lack of rolling stock, a downgraded M6 A or a downgraded refurbished M5 A coach can replace a M6 B or a refurbished M5 B coach.
      • the orientation of the train can be turn by 180° during a more or less long period.

    4. 3.4 Is there any way to know the references of railway models associated to these compositions ?

      For every vehicle type of companies that runs trains in Belgium, a list of their reproduction to models is available. To access it, you only have to clic on the vehicle picture and you'll be redirected to http://www.beluxtrains.net/models/.

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